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Exactly specialises in social housing information technology and project management solutions to businesses and organisations across the UK.

Within the Exactly team we have over 120 years combined experience and we have completed well over 60 different projects for various contractors and registered social landlords.

With broad, tried and tested business analysis experience throughout our team, we are able to accelerate many time-consuming pre-operational factors, allowing us to quickly identify problem areas and get straight to the job at hand. Throughout every project, we are also able to lend guidance and advice to other facets of an organisation’s model, with a mind to see our clients succeed.

Our Story

Exactly, is the product of 3 aligned experts in the field Richard Libby, Robert Chantler and Jonathan Nachman.

Exactly was formed over a decade ago when Richard and Robert joined forces in the Social Housing sector, driven by a shared commitment to make a meaningful impact. Richard’s Systems Mobilisation expertise and Robert’s IT Project and Account Management skills complemented each other. Later, they teamed up with Jonathan, a Solutions Architect, specialising in Microsoft technology.

Together, they formed a professional alliance, aiming to reshape and add value to the Social Housing Sector.

Left to Right: Robert Chantler, Jonathan Nachman, Richard Libby

Our Directors

Robert Chantler

Robert has a strong track record in adaptive digital strategy work, helping clients tackle their most pressing transformation challenges in areas such as digital strategy, product and service design, digital operating models, data analytics and risk mitigation. Well versed in IT and operations transformation, Robert develops achievable strategies and understands how to translate these into action.

Richard Libby

Richard is a strategic and operational business leader with over 20 years experience within the housing and facilities management sectors as well as proudly serving in the British Army. With a proven mobilisation and acquisition track record, having successfully overseen and mobilised over 40 new contracts/acquisitions worth over £450m.

Jonathan Nachman

Jonathan is a highly effective CTO with extensive experience in Microsoft Dynamics, with a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions that meet the needs of customers across a range of industries. With over 15 years of experience in the technology industry, Jonathan consistently maintains a deep understanding of software development, project management, and technology strategy.

Our Team

Exactly would not be where it is today without the unparalleled experience and dedication of our team members. This team of dynamic and highly skilled specialists with diverse sector and software knowledge, combined, create a driving force and exceptional wealth of experience which lends to every project. Leveraging both operations and IT knowledge drawn from multi-sector experience, the team works in synergy to guide each and every client project to success, going beyond clients expectations.

This diverse group of well-seasoned, top-tier professionals possess a proven set of skills ranging from; project management, governance, risk assessment, health and safety, account management, IT business analysis, solutions architecture, business transformation, change management, data analysis, technical configuration, and system development.

With their strong ability in problem-solving skills, client relations, and commitment to continuous learning, our team has helped bring Exactly to the forefront of the industry and contributed to a reputation of reliability, innovation and dedicated to delivering exceptional and sustainable results.

Exactly Team Photo
Team Exactly @ CIH 2023

Our Clients

Property Services Companies

Registered Social Landlords

Software Companies


Our Core Services

Our innovative technology and insightful processes help to transform and scale-up operations for social housing and repair organisations, with a range of services and products, aided by decades of direct and cross-industry experience.


25+ years’ experience developing and supporting specialised repairs solutions.

Throughout every project, we are also able to lend guidance and advice to other facets of an organisation’s model, with a mind to see our clients succeed.

Technical and Operational Support

With a combined experience spanning decades of operational expertise and technological insight into systems and cutting-edge IT applications, Exactly have gained a reputation within the industry, which is rivalled by few.

Together, we have continued to deliver exceptional support for clients throughout the Social Housing sector

Repairs Mobilisations

Exactly provides expert support to social housing, property management organisations and repairs and maintenance contractors to end-to-end digital services between residents and the repairs provider (DLO or contractor) during new contract mobilisation

D365 Experience

With an increasing number of customers in the sector choosing Dynamics, Exactly have focused considerable attention on Microsoft D365,To harness its full-potential within the industry and meet client requirements.

In cases where current systems are underperforming in housing operations, Exactly is often engaged to provide oversight, guidance, and improvements.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Harnessing our extensive experience in extracting, transforming and storing data from legacy and new technology, we can advise on the best use of your data as well as provide innovative ways to ensure it is captured correctly in the future.

Where data has not been maintained effectively, Exactly can help with data enrichment and cleansing

Systems Integration

Leveraging our extensive integration experience in the sector, we have a deep knowledge of the capabilities (and restrictions) of software solutions.

We understand how key it is to ensure data integrity, synchronicity and validation on both ends.

Systems Development

We have a dedicated development team that have been designing and building Housing solutions and are able to help you with maintaining and enhancing IT systems in the sector.

Solutions for Social Housing

Exactly have been developing solutions to fill gaps within the sector such as; THEIA360 and Data Reconciler.

Solutions for Social Housing

Exactly have been developing solutions to fill gaps within the sector.

Exactly Data Reconciler

Streamline complex system integrations with Exactly’s Reconciler, to negate and overcome challenges posed by high volume transactions and client-imposed restrictions. Often, fragile interfaces can disrupt workflows, but we’ve developed and tried and tested solutions to ensure seamless connectivity for uninterrupted transactions.

Reconciler possesses a highly configurable user interface to allow businesses to implement their own specifications, enhancing flexibility and control. Using our software, one of our recent clients was able to unlock over £2m of previously blocked invoices, resolving status and financial mismatches on an Orchard interface. In addition, the Reconciler can complement existing interface capabilities, providing a comprehensive integration solution for your business, guaranteeing improved resource efficiencies.

Theia360: Integrated Asset Management Platform

THEIA360 is the ultimate solution for property service, facilities management, and housing sectors. Our advanced 360 virtual tour software creates realistic digital twins of your assets using AI to capture and record data of any physical environment. Our highly versatile, selfdesigned software makes it easy to customise and integrate with any data management system, allowing you to easily track asset data and repair history with just a click of a button.

Going beyond data capture, our THEIA also allows customers to experience properties before physical viewings. Saving our clients time, money and enhancing their overall customer experience, by allowing tenants to explore properties virtually at their convenience.

Diagnostic Chat Bot

Our diagnostic chatbot solution harnesses the power of AI conversation to generate effective repair solutions, extracting what is needed to find any issue and translate that to a repair order. Over time this self-learning system develops greater accuracy and efficiency.

Depending on your existing technology this application can also be integrated to scheduling and repairs management and once confirmed send off the newly scheduled work order.

Exactly Field Service Accelerator

Unlock the full potential of Microsoft Dynamics Field Services with Exactly Field Service Accelerator, the ultimate optimisation and acceleration solution for Social Housing.

Our advanced modules are designed to streamline and enhance your field service operations in repairs management, costing , variation management and mobile working, empowering your team to deliver exceptional service with maximum efficiency.

Exactly Forms Solution for Dynamics Field Service

Exactly Forms is the next generation of data capture, working in harmony with Microsoft Field Service.

Developed from the ground up by people that have worked in the industry, integrated directly into Microsoft Field Service, allowing clients to uniquely build their custom forms to capture, present data and automatically update assets and create work orders whilst on site.


Keeping accurate records of service operatives’ materials costs can be problematic and time consuming with inaccurate costs. MarketPlace is our innovative solution to these problems, providing clients precise line level costs at job level.

Leveraging our advanced integration layer linked with many of the major merchants such as TP, Jewsons & Wolseley while also serving to mediate and validate authorisation of expenditure, to avoid misuse. This user-friendly automation platform allows clients to define and automatically control material spend, eradicating friction, communication errors and improper expenditure on materials.

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